The UTM2581 is a line level to high impedance tube stage input transformer. It works perfectly as a Vari Mu input transformer with the secondary CT. 600:15CTk, 1:5 ratio.

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A high performance, audio signal transformer for line level input applications. Useful for providing a 2 or 14 dB gain for any high impedance input. Suitable for any source balanced or unbalanced not exceeding 20 kΩ.

Ratio: (1+1):(2.5+2.5)
Impedance: 1.2k:7.5k, 1.2k:1.8k, 600:1.8k, 600:15k
Frequency Response @10kΩ source 10kΩ load: +/- 0.5 dB 15 Hz to 80 kHz (Ap)
Primary Inductance: 2.2H+2.2H @100Hz
Secondary Inductance: 130H+130 @100Hz
Total DC Resistance PRI: 20Ω
Total DC Resistance SEC: 830Ω
Max Level: @50Hz: +30 dBu
Mu-Metal, High Nickel Core, 79% Nickel Steel lamination

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